Our Story

Welcome to VENIA.

VENIA is Fashion-Tech.

VENIA is a concept contemporary Mens and Womenswear Label designed for the modern entrepreneur. We inspire confidence and power with our combination of sleek style and unisex utilitarianism.  

VENIA commits to fully integrating modern technology with Apparel Manufacturing. We design and develop clothes that look great, feel amazing, and perform seamlessly. We leverage advancements in Virtual Reality and 3D Printing to push the possibilities of clothing, while using only 100% sustainable fibers to curate the best possible product for both you and the environment.

We produce ethically and locally in Los Angeles and oversee every single process that goes into the making of your clothes. Crafted with care, designed with vision–Direct to You.

Our Founders Eni + Nigma

Two anonymous designers. Obsessed with true integration and wabi-sabi. Brought up to be engineers and architects. Enhanced their love of storytelling through fashion. Travel off grid to find their inspiration. Declared the mission of VENIA to the world in 2014. This is their story.

ENI always knew she was going to grow up to be an inventor. She wanted to make things that would help and change lives. While conceptual car design was her first pursuit, her love for constant innovation and adaptive art brought her to fashion. Through her experience, unethical employment practices, over-production and non-functional designs that made no social impact greatly affected her vision for the industry. ENI has designed internationally for several luxury labels, and performed brand consulting and management for start-ups before Co-Founding VENIA with NIGMA to right ethical wrongs in fashion.

NIGMA started off in the technology world, developing advanced skills at an early age. He was hoping to find his future in architecture. Realizing quickly that the turn-around time for projects was too lengthy and not enough art was involved, he turned to fashion for creative release. Still applying his innate talents in tech, NIGMA’s advanced patternmaking, web-developing, and 3D modeling skills were quickly recognized in the industry allowing him to rise in popularity amongst fashion startups in Southern California. In 2014, he joined ENI in Co-Founding VENIA – A true integration of Fashion + Technology.