⌈ SEASON // 3 : Roots ⌋

Inspired by Survivalism in Nature and the City, SEASON III Roots Collection explores the necessities required to function seamlessly in urban and natural environments. VENIA embarked on the challenge to break the box from within and create versatile clothing usable in both terrains. Studying ROOTS further, we know that they are essential – driving nutrients through each plant, delivering only what is necessary to strengthen and flourish. The collection in essence, symbolizes Roots – Clothing narrowed down to a few key defining features – Protection, Support, Function and Expression.

Confined to the color Black; All seams, textures, shapes and silhouettes are focused and enhanced by many modular details within each piece. Engineered pocket placement, 3D Printed Trims,military-grade organic textiles, and multi-dimensional design elements all add to the modern, functional and edgy aesthetic. Movability and ease are key components as each design embodies both elements.

Designed and produced ethically and locally in Los Angeles, VENIA continues to develop clothing dedicated to making a difference. We proudly produce product with ethically sourced, woven, knit and tanned textiles. We believe in focused organic growth in our R&D team, engineering cutting edge technology in Virtual and Augmented Realities, Pattern making and designing with rapid prototyping and 3D modeling, and transparency and honesty. VENIA merges natural needs and functions in clothing with their sleek, urban aesthetic for the progressive and passionate individual.

The ROOTS Collection is an embodiment of the VENIA creed of creating beautiful, high-quality, conscious and tech-forward designs for the World Changers.


⌈ SEASON // 2 : Symbiosis ⌋

SYMBIOSIS: noun. Mutually beneficial association of two different organisms.

SEASON II finds the designers Eni and Nigma of VENIA in the ice. Inspired by the visceral climate changes around the globe, VENIA reflected upon Global Warming and the Melting Glaciers of the Polar Ice Caps.

Sustainability this season is key as the designers innovate, develop, and rethink familiar techniques to support the Slow Fashion Movement. Trims are engineered and 3D printed for everyday use to support minimum wastage.

Fabrications for SEASON II promote water conservation and are designed to be crinkled, worn in and washed less. Exotic fish leather is ethically tanned and treated from recycling leftover skins, creating incredibly durable and beautifully textured leather.

As the globe warms and the ice melts, temperatures fluctuate–bottlenecking species and plunging once plentiful regions into desolate ones. The collection is inspired by Ice itself; calving of the icebergs, the colors of the harsh yet fragile landscape, and the passing of time. Functionality is engineered cleverly into the garments alongside sharp cuts resembling the crown of glacial bodies.

VENIA’s goal this season is to better the world by elevating design and manufacturing through social-responsibility and environmental awareness. By placing equal importance on aesthetics and ethics, the message of SEASON II is a simple one: Symbiosis of Earth and Ice is the hope for our better future and the key to our progress.

⌈ SEASON // 1 : Fractured Dystopia ⌋

Fractured Dystopia tells the story of a heroine who undergoes her transformation through three stages: Duality, Self-Awareness and Acceptance of herself.

Duality of personality is shown primarily through strong feminine and masculine shapes as well as dark and light coloring. Self-Awareness of the body represents the fine tailoring used throughout the collection. Each piece is cut to enhance the shapes and curves of the figure. Lastly, Awareness of surroundings translates into trims and detailing of the garments. Pockets are sized to fit iPhones, and heavy-duty zippers and closures enhance the importance of functionality in day-to-day life.

Designed for relatable style, each piece is created to offer functional options and small surprises as well as comfort and strength through style to compliment the lifestyle of VENIA’s unique customer.

⌈ VENIA FILM // 1 ⌋

“By its nature, the metropolis provides what otherwise could be given only by traveling; namely, the strange.” – Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities 

VENIA Ancient Latin for the English word Grace. Noun; elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.

In 2014, an LA based duo created VENIA; a multi-platform fashion label that carries a mission of Grace both in effortless design with an intentional purpose. Inspired by innovative and modern design with a nod to the past, VENIA created the Modern-Tech Luxury archetype for those with a confident urban edge, and a twist of innate nonchalance who live in the present.

VENIA consistently pursues innovations that aim to challenge and enhance the wearers experience by balancing functionality and design. By choosing transparency over illusion, VENIA is founded with roots in culture and ethics. The fluidity and shape that constantly juxtaposes the other, play on the contrasts of the personalities of the design duo, forming an androgynous air that infuses into each story, waiting to bring life to the next chapter.

Our goal is to tell stories about the present with nods to the past and eyes to the future; crafting each collection as the zeitgeist.