Our Core Values

Venia Collection promises to you continuous transparency, detailed development, and new perspectives on the essence of style and culture. Our promise to you is exemplified in these 5 Pillars.


-Chart New Courses-
VENIA is the creator of adaptable clothing. Engineered for modern living, discovery and adventure, our functional pieces transform themselves into pieces that exude confidence, positivity, and fun.


-The Moral Code-
Made to last. That is our promise to the world, to our employees, and to our clientele. We employ fair-labor practices, 100% sustainable fabrications, and environmentally friendly and conscious production to ensure a guilt-free product that is meant to sustain years of enjoyment.


-The Style, Cut & Design-
Concept Contemporary clothing that acclimates to the wearer through ease of use and functionality. Our combination of sleek style and unisex utilitarianism promote a new perspective to modernism.


-The Give Back-
The global vision of making a continuously better world through our commitment to mentorship, involvement in social issues, and promotion of social/ethical consciousness through education.


-The New Fashion Tech-
True integration of modern technology is applied in the design and manufacturing of our products as well as throughout our business systems. We develop new innovation strategies through advancements in Virtual Reality technology, 3D Printing, 360 Presentations, and all forms of Digital Media in fashion.